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Our Company:

In 2006 VPS Tires Repair, Inc. began operations in United States to bring our customers our long experience acquired for three consecutive generations in the tires repair industry. We have a wide range of high quality products at very competitive prices.

All our products has passed rigorous quality control tests, therefore when we launch a product into the market our clients can rest assure any product they buy from us will have the highest usability requirements.

We offer personalized services, technical support, equipment operation training as well as correction and maintenance services to cover all aspects and customer needs.
Why use VPS:
VPS Tires Repair, Inc. was created to satisfy the demand for products that can be delivered immediately to the customer therefore eliminating the need of using foreign suppliers that will in turn create undesirable delays, up-front costs and the risk of receiving low quality products, in addition to a very low probability of success in the event of a claim.

VPS Tires Repair, Inc. provide products of excellent quality, outstanding customer service as well as the guarantee and confidence your company will appreciate. We are looking forward to become the tool that will help your company in achieving success.

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